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Onward and Upward

Your team works hard. Yet despite putting in hours upon hours of work, it seems like your teams aren’t working well together to achieve many of the goals you set out for your business. Worse yet, your company seems to be just treading water -- not moving forward or backward, just staying in one place.

You’ve tried team-building, attended strategic planning conferences and even Googled “how to be a leader,” but nothing seems to get your teams to work more effectively together. So what is the problem?

Primarily (and this may be a bit hard to hear), you may not be in a position to objectively determine your company’s needs. While you do know your business inside and out, being able to see the forest for the trees is a difficult skill to master. 

I can help. I’m an Organizational Change Consultant as well as the founder of Eleni Margaronis Consulting. With a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Technology Education, as well as years of experience helping businesses like yours, I can help your organization develop:

  • A clear mission & vision statement

  • Effective meeting management

  • Culture & Decision making protocol

  • Shared values

  • Leadership

  • Staff engagement

  • Strength identification

  • Personnel systems

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We Can Work Better…

Your business is unique. You may have an idea of where you want your business to be, but knowing how to get there is a challenge. I help companies establish an improved working environment in order to provide them with solutions that are specialized to their business’s needs. To achieve these results I ask for a six-month commitment upfront so we can utilize a two-part process: Assessment and Implementation.

How we work together


This includes:

  • An assessment for the leadership team that surveys decision-making clarity, mission and vision and organizational culture.

  • An organizational assessment based upon survey results, observations and on-site discussions


This includes:

  • Identifying and articulating a mission and vision statement

  • Providing a strategic, prioritized plan with timeline (for the length of the agreement and beyond)

  • Continued advisement, facilitation and consultancy throughout our time together

To achieve these results I ask for a six-month commitment upfront, as we need to deep dive into your organization to get you the results we're both looking for. Upon completion of our time together, you’ll not only have a more efficient, effective team, but you’ll also have a solidified mission and vision statement to work toward, improved communication among team members, and a better company culture and organizational structure that allows your employees to work smarter - not harder.

Let’s Get Started

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