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Organizational Change at Work


Eleni Margaronis, Owner

I’m Eleni Margaronis, and just like you, I’ve spent a significant portion of my life working. I’ve worked for horrible supervisors at jobs I’ve loved, and wonderful supervisors at jobs I’ve hated. But I believe what makes me unique is that I’ve always been able to analyze and define the different elements of work styles and environments that helped me and others work effectively. I’ve found that better collaboration between employees leads to a better work environment, and a better work environment leads to better business. It’s this philosophy that is the cornerstone of Eleni Margaronis Consulting.

I earned a BA in Sociology with a minor focus in Elementary Education from the University of Southern Maine, but after graduation I knew that I wanted to do more to make organizations work more effectively. That’s when I decided to enroll in a Masters degree tract in Educational Leadership and Technology Education from the University of Maine at Farmington while working in multiple organizations as a supervisor and leader. It’s what makes me an expert in the field of organization efficiency.

How leaders lead is crucial to the amount, quality, and commitment of work from their employees. I know that happier and better performing employees lead to better performing companies. For years I’ve worked with multiple organizations and people of all backgrounds and ages to identify problems at a macro and micro level, while also offering tools to resolve those issues. I’m someone who is able to stay objective while also immersing myself within a business -- I can keep a 50,000 foot view in mind while looking at it with a boots-on-the-ground lens. I’ve even been able to do so with companies that use partial, or full, virtual environments, so I’ve helped companies create a better work environment without ever stepping foot inside their physical location.

My combined education, experience, and unique talents have come together to help companies and organizations work more efficiently and effectively. Click the button below to see how we can work together and let me do the same for your business.