We Can Work Better

You know your business. You know your industry. You’re very good at what you do but it’s still a challenge to get your teams to work effectively. Not only that, keeping your employees invested in your company is challenging. Ultimately, this is preventing you and your company from achieving your goals.  

Whether you manage a company of 5 or 500, similar challenges arise when moving your company forward. Issues around communication, effective meeting management, strategic planning, shared values and staff engagement can impede your company’s progress. While you’ve read all the books, done the research and attended the team-building lectures, you’re still struggling with how to get your employees to work well together. 

This is where I come in. I’m Eleni Margaronis Consulting, specializing in organizational change focusing on leadership, team development, and strategic planning.

Simply put: I can help you and your employees feel better about your work, thereby empowering your team to become leaders themselves, ultimately creating a better work environment. 

“Eleni offered a consultation to help us focus and strategize to reach our goals. She listened closely and responded to our specific needs. Eleni draws from personal experience as well as professional, and infused humor to make it a completely valuable and satisfying experience."

— Karen & Stephen Hardy